Meet Dr. Callie

I am Dr. Callie, a pediatric physical therapist based out of Pittsburgh. Upon receiving my doctorate at the University of Pittsburgh I hopped right  into a pediatric setting and haven't looked back. During my 13+ years in various settings I have gotten the opportunity to foster child development alongside wonderful families. I love nurturing a child's strengths and watching them grow! Every child has a success story waiting to be told.

I love fostering a new sense of certainty in a child by challenging their brain's neuroplasticity and developing milestones together.  I use a mix of DMI, TMR, and habilitation techniques to practice novel skills with SuperKids to achieve excellent results!

SuperKids is a certified lactation counseling center.  We help new Mom's address concerns related to feeding baby like tongue ties, torticollis, and latching difficulty. 

SuperKids started out of necessity. During my career I have seen families strive to support their child's fullest potential without guidance. If you have a child you also have some unanswered questions about their wellbeing. Let's find those answers and develop solution based play strategies together.

I know that inside every child is a SuperKid!